I M*A*S*H* With You

by The Freelance Dilettante


I can’t tell you of the joy that rose today in my heart, watching my husband play M*A*S*H* on my iPad. Although he was a bit confounded by his proclaimed “red and violet” wedding to Naomi Watts, with 333 attendants, a “robust” honeymoon in Bangalore, India, and consequent settling down into a shack in Tokyo Japan with their 2 children, as he spent a hard working life as an Oil Tycoon (and she as a Movie Reviewer) until he retired at 4,152 years old, it was beautiful and amusing thing, watching him involved in the process. “This,” I told him, “is how eight year old girls plan out their futures.” He seemed slightly annoyed. “There are better algorithms,” he said.

Note: For those of you who don’t know, M*A*S*H* was not just an awesome TV show of the 1970s and ’80s. It is also a game, explained here.