What Would I Say? Part One

by The Freelance Dilettante

T.F.D.Bot never forgets.

T.F.D.Bot never forgets.

At what-would-i-say.com, one can get random “Bot” quotes pulled from his or her Facebook posts. I post way too many of these on my wall, so I thought, why not gather several together into magnificent poems? Because everything I say is brilliant, anyway, and even better when it’s randomly taken out of context.

Full disclosure: slight edits, such as punctuation or a connecting word, may have been made.

T.F.D Bot Speaks

I reserve the skull of toes on

thunderous pavements in Tamil.

I reserve the right thing; I was quite

happy ignoring it.

I reserve the complexity and

ridiculousness of ganja, a Hindi word

and have, on reading past lives with

shrines, etc.

I reserve the right now, covered in cat


Does that mean I’m fine, but I assume


The day of the city to come down

drunk. I have fuzzy socks.

Sometimes I hope for the rarely used

To have the city cemetery, to be

desensitized. It, its riptide, and these songs of

broken women which was likely a

bandit (LOL)

I reserve the end of the dictionary?

The size 8, I’m more like monkeys?

He was so cold.

Yesterday’s album is lost, and the

halfway winds, hatched from

nowheres, and preparations for our last


Pongal is the needle; it’s in my head now.