T.F.D. Bot Says Something

by The Freelance Dilettante

A leaf, on my pants

A leaf, on my pants

Going to actually make it.

Or, as there was my pants.

Remember, I’m the bomb.

My time in district of choice:

This is a lot of dying for a purge.

Problem was,

Well, the halfway winds, hatched from

his head, Nor stone at the time, but I

thought it.

The day to put some in India, focusing

on Tamil Nadu.

Other than that, there was his idea.

I reserve the wood of weathers. First

there was a big time.

Right now the pants I wear when they

are relevant to me: when we left. I liked

my post…if you crack me with

photographs. Clean up the Ants patch

off my hips, when I was wondering.

It’s a prophylaxis, though, so it’s

simply inappropriate. Plus, it

forgot to visit. You can have to use it.

I reserve the hilarious wonderfulness

that is the Tamil class soon.

I reserve the first time; the ladies were

wearing wetsuits in water aerobics class.

Well, the movie.